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Before the rise of the land-based and virtual casino, roulette was primarily played by European aristocrats and royalty. You may hear the familiar click of the online roulette wheel at any casino these days. Spectators will be amazed as they root for the bettor and cross their fingers that the ball falls where it needs to.

Online roulette games are quite popular among Canadian gamblers because of their exciting atmosphere. We’ll teach you the fundamentals so you can get in on the fun, too, even if you’ve never done anything like this before. After learning more about online roulette for real money through this article, we recommend trying your luck at Jackpot City.


Fans of online casinos in Canada can play some of the most cutting-edge titles available. These locations provide:


You can play on any device!

Classic and cutting-edge online roulette games

Canadians only: huge bonus dollars

If you’re already sold on the idea of giving online roulette a try, you may do so by visiting any of the recommended casinos.

Master the Online Roulette Game


In a Nutshell

Historically, roulette was only played by royalty and the very wealthy.

The modern form was premiered in Paris in 1796.

In Canada, American Roulette dominates the market.

It’s thrilling to click the spin button on the casino software. However, you should be familiar with the rules of roulette. The roulette wheel is the focal point of the online casino roulette area. The European version of the game uses 37 digits, while the American version uses 38 digits (including a single and double zero). The numbers aren’t in order and the color scheme shifts from black to red. Green represents a zero.


You can’t see the wheel spin until after you place a bet when playing roulette for real money. However, the betting board must first be understood before the mechanics of placing wagers in online roulette casinos can be explained.


The most crucial part of any game is the betting board. Here is where you’ll place your serious Canadian dollar bets. The board will display the same set of numbers as the roulette wheel. These figures are presented in three distinct columns, in ascending order. To make a wager, pick a number and then “place chips” on that number in the virtual casino.


Canadians spend a lot of time spinning the virtual wheel at online casinos, and operators there understand this.

Placing a Roulette Bet

Placing a Roulette Bet

Bets can be placed in a variety of ways on online roulette casino games played in Canada. You may get started in gambling with very little background knowledge. You will be prompted to choose a betting limit before you begin. You can put in any amount between one Canadian dollar and one hundred. Now choose the winning number.


Multiple Number Bets in Roulette

It is possible to select multiple numbers by:


Wagering on two or five digits

The act of placing bets on the first, second, or third dozen that comprise a set of numbers.

Placing a monetary wager on any of the three sections

Bets can be placed on either the first 18 numbers or the second 18 numbers drawn.

Canadian online casinos that feature roulette games will also allow for “side bets.” You accomplish this by betting on whether the ball will fall into a black, red, odd, or even slot. Online versions of roulette allow for side bets to be placed. You accomplish this by betting on whether the ball will fall into a black, red, odd, or even slot.


Multiple Number Bets in Roulette

Once your wagers are settled, all you can do is sit back and watch the wheel do its thing. Is this going to be your lucky day? That is our fervent wish. Winners will be paid as soon as the wheel stops and the ball falls into a numbered slot. If you’ve won, the funds will be deposited into your account immediately.


Online casinos will offer a wider variety of wagers than only those listed above. You can wager on two neighboring numbers with a Split Bet, or four numbers with a Corner Bet. The reward if you win is an unbelievable 8 to 1.


Roulette Acronyms

Double-zero roulette, or American roulette. Roulette chips are not labelled but vary in a variety of colors and typically only come in a single value, which is why this version has two extra pockets for the ‘0’ and ’00’

Place a bet on the four numbers in the corner.

Only in American roulette can you bet on a double zero. Only one zero appears in European roulette.

The European variant of roulette only includes a single zero.

Cash in Hand The zero and double zero holes on the roulette wheel

High stakes bettor; sometimes known as a “high roller.”

Inside wagers – wagers placed within the betting grid

Wager – A bet Single-Zero Roulette – An alternate name for European Roulette

Roulette Betting Inside & Outside the Odds

All the numbers on the roulette board, including zero, are fair game for inside bets. Bets can be placed on a single number or a range of numbers. Outside bets are those placed on the numbers and colors that border the roulette table.


Now that you know how to place your bets, it’s time to find out how likely you are to walk away with a profit from your casino outing. Online roulette chances might change depending on the game, software, and host site used. Before making a deposit, you should check the roulette odds at various casinos. You run the risk of gaining or losing more than you bargained for if you don’t.


The Red/Black and Odd/Even bets are the most popular choices for Canadians playing roulette. Equal distribution of funds. You will receive your original wager plus your winnings on Even bets up to a maximum of $10. You can win a substantial sum of money from an online casino when you wager on a single number. These bets in roulette have poor odds but provide a dash of spice to the game. If you are successful in this wager, you will receive 35 to 1 in payout. This means that a $10 wager has the potential to win $350.

Explore All the Different Types of Roulette Before Deciding On Your Favorite


There are many variants of roulette available at online casinos. Canadian gamblers should research each option separately because of variations in payouts and odds.

Some examples of roulette games available online are:


This is American Rummy

Roulette in Europe

Roulette française

Tiny Rogue

Gambling with a Larger Number of Balls Than Normal

Roulette with a Growing Jackpot

Royal Rumble

Roulette with a Live Dealer

Start With This Easy Method

If you look around, you’ll find a wide variety of tips and tricks for beating the online roulette tables. Keep in mind that skill and chance are both involved in this game. However, there is a foolproof method that can be used to good effect. This is how the Martingale Method works. Bet twice as much if you lose. Divide the prize in half if you win. Do you get it?  False, but hear me out.


You should wager C$20 on the next spin if you lose a C$10 bet on Red. If you come out on the losing end, you’ll have to put up $40. If you stick to this strategy, you’ll be able to win back all of your previous losses.


Is this plan effective? In a nutshell, that is correct. However, you’ll need a large sum of cash to play with.


Here are a few more pointers to improve your odds of winning in online roulette:


Keep in mind the game’s guidelines, odds, and payouts.

You can increase your odds of winning by betting on multiple numbers.

Even with perfect planning, roulette is still a game of chance.

Be a responsible player.

We’ve Done the Legwork and Identified the Best Online Roulette Sites for Canadians


You should now have a firm grasp of the game’s fundamentals. If you’re ready to put your talents to the test, you can do so by playing a free demo version of the game at any of the casinos we suggest. If you feel confident enough, you can start betting real money on roulette immediately. I can tell you, you won’t require much. We have no doubt that you will have a fantastic time. Are you prepared to try your luck at the online roulette table?



The games are where?

The classic game of roulette, as well as all of the interesting variants available, may be found under the ‘Table Games’ section of your interface. Sometimes roulette will have its own section in the casino. Once you locate the game, you may start playing by selecting it. If you haven’t settled on a casino yet, be sure to check out our reviews.

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