The 7 Best Ways to Up Your Blackjack Game

Every day, tens of thousands of Canadians flock to online and physical casinos to play blackjack, making it the country’s most played casino card game. When played skillfully, online blackjack can result in significant financial gains for the player.

We’ve put up this collection of helpful blackjack hints and tips to get you to the level where you can consistently win.

Don’t Bother With Insurance


Taking insurance against the dealer getting blackjack is an option if they are showing an Ace. You can think of it as a side wager, and if the dealer gets blackjack, you win at odds of 3:2.


Although at first glance this may appear like a decent strategy, all skilled blackjack players will know better and avoid it. The rationale is that you will incur more losses than gains in the long run. If the dealer has blackjack, you might lose some money periodically, but avoiding insurance will save you money in the long run.


Learn the Rules and Basic Strategy for Blackjack

Learning the game’s fundamentals is crucial if you’re just starting out in blackjack. You can avoid making mistakes that give the house an even bigger edge if you know what to do in every possible situation thanks to the information provided by the basic plan. When to hit, when to stand, and when to double up are just a few of the fundamentals of blackjack that are taught in basic strategy.


Blackjack can be played for free with play money at most online casinos, so getting familiar with the game is a must. You may gain a feel for the method without risking any real cash while you figure it out.


Master the art of card counting

Card counting is not against the law, despite popular belief; casinos just do not appreciate it. Counting cards is a lot easier than it sounds and can help you predict what cards will be dealt next, allowing you to better manage your bankroll.


However, it can be utilized for live dealer blackjack and at physical casinos. Why not check out our in-depth guide on card counting in blackjack if you’re interested in learning more?


Resist Superstition

Blackjack players are known to be among the most superstitious gamblers, but their beliefs have little bearing on the outcome of a hand. Therefore, it makes no difference where you seat at the table or whatever table you play at, because your odds of winning are the same no matter what.


Don’t fall for the gambler’s fallacy, the mistaken belief that a sequence of events with a specific outcome is inevitable. Unless you’re counting cards, your odds of winning any given hand remain same, regardless of how many hands have come before.


When It’s Time, Double Down

Most blackjack beginners are confused by the doubling down option. It’s when, following the initial deal, you’re given the option to double your stake and receive another card.


Most people avoid using it because they worry about losing too much money, yet it can be very beneficial if utilized properly.


If your hand totals eleven, you should always double down, unless the dealer is showing an Ace. You’ll learn other situations where doubling up is a good idea as you get expertise playing the game.


Don’t Lose Sight of Your Money Situation

Blackjack is the same as any other kind of gambling when it comes to managing your bankroll. Unless you want to risk losing all your money in one session of blackjack, good bankroll management is crucial.


A good rule of thumb to follow when playing blackjack is to never risk more than 10% of your total bankroll in a single session, and to have the discipline to walk away from the table if you lose that amount.


You’re Going to Lose Sometimes In blackjack, as in just about any kind of online gambling, you’re going to lose sometimes. Sometimes the dealer will get 21, and sometimes you will go bust, even if you are the best blackjack player in history.


However, the top players know that bad luck is just part of the game and that it won’t derail their success in the long run. So, if you’re having a bad session, don’t give in to the temptation of writing it off as bad luck and giving up! Keep your cool and carry on as usual.


Blackjack: The Basics Before You Deal

The first step is to ensure a good shuffle of the cards. If there are more of you, you can use more than one deck of cards at once.


The next thing to do is make some wagers. Before the cards are dealt, every participant at the table must place a bet within the limitations of the table.


Give Out Playing Cards

When everything is set, you must deal the cards one at a time, beginning with the top card. You should address the player to your left first, and then continue clockwise around the table.


You should do it again. At the completion of the deal, everyone at the table should be able to see the two up cards from each player.


Find out the fundamentals

Blackjack’s rules are straightforward and simple to master. In a game of blackjack, beating the dealer without going over 21 is the objective.


Card values are also included in the fundamental rules. In blackjack, numbered cards are for their face value, while the Jack, Queen, and King are worth 10.


Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions

What sites offer entertaining, free Blackjack games can I play?


Even if you’re just playing for fun, you should only use reputable sites. You may play high-quality, no-cost blackjack games at:


Gambling at Jackpot City

Palace Spin & Win Casino

In the Lucky Ruby Casino Betway

To play for free, choose one, navigate to the relevant website, and select the trial version. You may also play blackjack for free, right now, right here.

How can I make the transition to playing Blackjack with actual money?


If you’re ready to start playing online blackjack for real money, all you have to do is sign up with one of our top-rated casinos. The account balance can then be increased by making a deposit. Bet as much as you like on the authentic version of the game that you select. Remember to gamble sensibly and never risk more money than you can afford to lose at any given time.

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